This is a new space. And I’m excited for it — excited to be back writing again somewhere new. I was getting a little tired of blogspot, so I figured I’d give something else a try.

So, where to begin? The past two months have felt like pure craziness — and the craziness has been full of good things, but it’s also been really hard. Words fill my life with comfort amidst the chaos and ups and downs — and I want to start participating more in the word-formation.

Yes, it’s a bit of a lofty goal. But it’s there.

So, what was the two month craziness, you ask?

I signed a lease to a new apartment while on a family vacation in Utah, moved my things once I got back, started packing for my trip to Cambodia, went to Cambodia, and then came back. And here I am.

Maybe that doesn’t seem too crazy, but it was a lot of big life changes and experiences all at once — and there is so much goodness to unpack in it. My apartment is a huge blessing — I am now living in the neighborhood that I am growing to love deeply. My trip to Cambodia was deep and rich and a much needed time of rest. I learned so much amongst the rice fields and Khmer language spoken everyday.

And now I’m back: back to zumba on Thursdays and figuring out this life of work and play and friends and family and rest and hard work — and somehow wanting faith to inform all of it.

Here’s to hoping wordpress is a good place to continue writing about it all.


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