A New Home

I moved a few months ago. A big life change/transition of sorts for me. 

And it has been good — so, so good.

I live my life at a fast pace, and don’t always give enough pause to recognize and appreciate milestones and significant answers to prayer. This apartment, this move, is a huge answer to prayer.

I remember my senior year at Gordon, on a missions trip with other students talking about immigration reform in San Diego. We got to hang out with different Latino families and enjoy good fellowship with them as well as learn about immigration reform from their perspective. During that trip, I began thinking about what it would be like to live in a community where I would intentionally seek out Latino neighbors and be a part of a community with them. I loved being a part of their community for that short week and wondered what that could look like in my own new home post graduation. One night during our trip we got to have dessert at a young twenty-something woman’s house — she shared her place with two other young single gals, each pursuing different jobs/occupations and involved in their community in unique ways. I remember thinking how cool it was to see this group of young women pursuing their passions, living together, and having a lot of fun as well. Many of the conversations in my college circles were about people getting married post-graduation and since I knew that wasn’t in the immediate future for me, I was inspired to think about what community living and friendship could look like in this new season of life.

So, fast forward to now: me, two roommates, an apartment in the neighborhood that we are seeking to build relationships in, affordably priced (huge for santa barbara!!), and complete with a patio! 🙂

When I moved into my apartment (a week later than my two roommates), I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude — I walked into an apartment with books scattered in the bedrooms — books about the future of the Latino church and racial reconciliation, pictures and posters from special places around the world where they have traveled, hundreds of coffee mugs (maybe not hundreds, but a lot!). It felt right for me to bring in my books — my books about Latin American politics and the multiethnic church, it felt right to bring my pictures from Costa Rica, my own coffee mugs and baking supplies. I know that in this place, this home, I can be me — and that is a huge blessing.

I see this apartment, this living space as a sacred gift — a gift to be living with beautiful women who are passionate and smart and loving and kind and who care deeply about issues of justice. I see so much opportunity in our location — I experience joy as I walk to the park and run into friends I have met in this neighborhood, and I love that I can speak Spanish with my neighbors. 

There is a patio out front that one of my roommates has decorated with little light bulbs that are currently flickering as I type this. That patio is a space for fellowship and laughter, wine and food shared together. I am thankful that I am now learning what fellowship on a patio means outside of the patio I grew up with — that my parents created and invited people into. Now it’s my turn to make the invitations, my turn to build a home, my turn to host dinner and nail polish parties.

The gift of doing this home making with two wonderful women is something I cherish. I’m looking forward to seeing what this year holds for us.

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