a (belated) ode to family vacations

This is just a little belated of a post, but better late than never.

Our family went on a vacation in June to Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce National Parks. It was a beautiful trip with some incredible desert views. It was also full of laughs and quality time with these people.

Kels brings sweet peas for the car
Antelope Canyon
Grand Canyon
The Narrows (Zion National Park, Utah)
IMG_2395.JPG thankful for “extra clean rooms”
Celebrating Libby’s birthday in…Las Vegas!!
Whoo Doos in Bryce Canyon

Traveling with these four is always a hilarious adventure…we’re pretty blessed in that we like each other enough to make long car rides and somewhat strange restaurants and hotel rooms fun and entertaining. Leave it to Kelsey to find the best ice cream shop, my dad to find a museum worth stopping for, my mom to find a wild animal, and Libby to be asking for a snack…and that’s a good little picture into our vacationing ways. My dad always finds great accommodations — some more luxurious than others; case in point: the hotel in las vegas was a little more spacious than our little abode at the purple sage motel (but the purple sage had color tvs and extra clean rooms! so who can go wrong in a place like that?!)

I’m thankful for time together as a family and getting to see some pretty stunning views — who would have thought that a lack of water can produce some pretty incredible vistas and hiking trails? Thanks for having us Grand Canyon/Antelope Canyon/Bryce Canyon/Zion National Park!


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