happy things for twenty-fifteen

1. January // television shows, like Parenthood, beginning again (but unfortunately ending 😦 only three more episodes left with the Braverman clan) **other anticipated TV watching for me this year: House of Cards and Mad Men

2. February // Valentine’s Day: yes, I think about the next holiday after Christmas and my mind turns to…  Valentine’s Day. What’s not to love about the color pink, chocolate, and rom coms? I’m all in.

3. March // longer days, afternoon runs

4. April // Turning twenty-five

5. May // a new cousin arriving (!!)

6. June // Travels: hopefully to the PNW!

7. July // watching fireworks, hopefully seeing a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl

8. August // more summer fun — hopefully reading a good book, maybe a weekend away somewhere (camping perhaps?)

9. September // fall scented candles, warm evenings eating dinner on the porch

10. October // another AYSO soccer season, cheering on the sidelines on Saturday mornings

11. November // Thanksgiving food endeavors, enjoying gym classes and staying active, perhaps running another race

12. December // celebrating Advent, Christmas festivities like La Arcada and the Santa Barbara Holiday parade, and of course, lots of family time


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