spotify: discovered

dear spotify,

you’ve became a good companion to me over the past year. thanks to friends who have good taste in music and this thing called “collaborative playlists,” i’ve come to especially appreciate all that you have to offer: music for pretty much any mood, at any time.

songs link me to memories, maybe it’s just how my brain works, but it doesn’t take much more than a bon iver song playing in the background of my pilates class to take me right back to the wood floor in my guestroom in cambodia, listening to “skinny love” as i napped in the peaceful afternoons after reading book after book.

songs make me remember.

i remember that car ride, in may, when i first discovered who rapper kendrick lamar is, and which songs on the radio belonged to him.

i remember listening to arcade fire, going to my first concert, loving songs like “the suburbs,” “reflektor,”normal person,” and “afterlife.” and when i just want to feel happy, that’s the band i play.

i remember discovering vampire weekend, bleachers (my jam for the fall on my runs in the neighborhood), norah jones’ “she’s 22,” two door cinema, the oh hello’s, volcano choir, the black keys.

then there’s jessie ware, the single i was obsessed with in november, called “say you love me”, which i played on repeat, in my kitchen, washing dishes, putting on makeup.

..and bon iver. i didn’t know how good that music was until this summer, listening to “skinny love” and “heavenly father” multiple times at work and then at the hotel rooms in cambodia, when i had wifi access.

the civil wars: the band who sang the song “poison and wine” which i listened to on repeat as i flew from south korea to LA, reading richard rohr’s falling upward, getting teary-eyed as i journaled and pondered his words.

but let’s not forget kanye west and jay-z, my new found running-playlist companions, or work-companions (“who gon stop me” was the perfect song when motivation was a-lacking at the office for me!)

i’m thankful for you, spotify. so many memories have you playing in the background. and when the songs are played again and again, i remember where i was last dancing. and usually, i pick up the dancing and make new memories to the same songs.




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