Lovin London

Is it possible for one to go to London and not fall in love with the city?

My trip proved the answer to that question as a resounding NO. Funny, as I used to wonder what all the fuss was about. Wonder no more! This city was something else. 

Hello Big Ben! Our first night in London (after going almost 24 hours with next to no sleep, mind you!), Katie and I ventured into the city to see some of the nighttime views. It was beautiful, but I was tired! We snapped a few pics and then got right back on to the tube 😉

Paddington Station felt like our “home away from home”; it was just a few blocks away from our hotel (we stayed at the Chyros Hotel) and it was the place we began and ended every outing while we were in London. The hotel was wonderful, and we enjoyed a delicious English breakfast every morning (coffee, toast, egg, beans, sausage link + ham).

On Saturday we hit up Portobello Road Markets and saw lots of beautiful antiques. We walked around Notting Hill and then headed to Kensington Palace (where Will and Kate live!)
 Next Stop: Tower of London (the crown jewels are here!)

…and then Buckingham Palace:

Drinks at the pub

Abbey Road  

Seeing Les Mis in the Covent Gardens -area (when I go back to London, I’d love to hang around that area more – it was awesome)

Truth be told: Katie and I both got lost in Harrod’s (it’s ginormous!!!) I spent a good twenty + minutes searching for the bathroom (or, as they say in London, toilets).  

Westminster Abbey

Platform 9 3/4: this was a fun little treat! Right at St. Pancreas Station you can put on some Hogwarts attire and a photographer will take your photo. Next door is a small Harry Potter shop where they sell (expensive) Bertie Bott’s beans, Gryffindor t-shirts, and other HP fan club memorabilia.


Our hotel was located next to St. Mary’s Hospital where Princess Kate was recently pictured, holding newly-born Princess Charlotte (and Prince George before that!) …so I pretended to look just like her (minus the dress, heels, and impeccable post-birth look) outside the Lindo Wing of the hospital.

I am so thankful for a really fun time in London. We had amazing weather (no rain!! the last day it rained a bit in the morning before we got up, but stopped during our last walk around Hyde Park), got to see so many beautiful sites including churches and museums, and enjoyed hearing the British accents everywhere we went. We loved coffee shops Pret and Cafe Nero, the fall colors all around (especially Hyde and St. James Parks), riding the Circle Line almost every day, and navigating crossing the street and looking the right direction (opposite side of the road driving is confusing!)

I’ll be back, London!

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