to my sisters

You two.
You bring a lot into this world, and into the little part of the world that is my life. They usually say older siblings set the example, and while I hope that’s true, what’s truer for me is that you two set an example for me: I admire you. 

When I saw you at the Cafe Eiffel in Paris, Libby, you were wearing black boots and skinny jeans. You had this cute sweater and black purse and stylish travel bag for all your clothes. You looked like a real European traveler: confident, enthusiastic, street savvy. You pulled out your phone and it took us to the first of many metro stops. I spent the weekend in Paris being in awe of you – of what you’re doing abroad, what you’re learning, the things you’re laughing about, and the experiences I know you’ll process with us. You know how to take charge Lib, and it’s so fun watching you.

There was a moment not too many months ago when Kelsey, you decided to stop by my house. You happened to come at my breaking point: ants had invaded my food, something had happened at work, and who knows the rest. The moment I saw you I burst into tears and you held me. You are calm in the midst of my anxiousness. You speak truth in encouragement. And you always do it so well because you know me, and you remind me of who I am when I forget or get lost in my fear.

This is a post not only of gratitude, but of awe. Awe of the beauty of my sisters who teach and bless and love on me in ways that no one else does in my life. 

I search for goodness and hope: and I see it in you two. Your smiles, the way you make me laugh, the way you know me – and make fun of me for it. There’s so much goodness in our midst. 

Here’s to you two – the younger yet taller ones. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for being my family.

Love, Lys

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